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Thank you so much for entrusting your pet to Kisses Dog Grooming Inc. House-Call Dog Grooming Service (hereafter referred to as “KISSES”). Your trust is something that is not taken lightly and every effort will be made to honor that trust.

Policy Agreement
The following are policies and procedures that require your acceptance.
What you should expect is that we actually come into your home to groom, with our equipment and provide everything
except the tub, electricity, and water. We clean up the mess and leave you with a happy & sparkling clean dog!
KISSES respects your home and will strive to leave it as found. However, because of the nature of dog hair, a 100% hair-free guarantee is not possible. KISSES will also make every effort to prevent a drainage clog, but we will not be held
responsible if a clog is produced from pet hair.
KISSES will not be responsible for any damage caused to your property unless it is caused by the groomer’s negligence.
Examples would be faulty electrical wiring or water pipes, damage caused by your pet while in our care, or consequences
of someone in your home tripping over our equipment.
KISSES has had experience in handling pets of many different temperaments. To ensure the safety of your pet and the
groomer, a soft muzzle may be used. In rare cases, services may be stopped mid-groom or refused altogether if the pet
shows signs of aggression or is uncooperative and unmanageable. The customer may be held responsible to pay for the
portion of the groom completed and/or a $45 trip fee.
KISSES regard the safety of your pet as a top priority, however, accidents can occur. Sharp objects and equipment with
unfamiliar noises are used during the grooming process and you understand there is a risk of injury if your dog does not
remain still, is aged, is prone to anxiety, or has pre-existing health conditions. In the event of any accident or emergency,
KISSES will notify the owner(s). This form permits KISSES to call or take your dog(s) to a veterinarian if necessary if you
are not available to do so. You will not hold KISSES liable for any injury caused by a pre-existing condition affecting the
dog whether or not such condition is known.
Communication is vital to a healthy relationship, so if you have any problems with your groom, please notify us within 24
hours after your appointment and we will do our best to resolve your concern.
Call KISSES at 954-625-4156.
Please give us a minimum of 72 hours notice if you will need to cancel or reschedule. We reserve the right to charge THE
FULL GROOMING FEE if proper notice is not given.
Cash and Checks are preferable however there are other acceptable forms of payment. All payments are due at the time
services are rendered and a physical credit card must be presented to swipe for all credit card transactions.
The following are KISSES’ procedures & requirements:
o A current copy of rabies vaccination record is required before grooming.
o A quiet comfortable area large enough to set up a 24×48 grooming table with ample room to work around and
a counter/table/shelf with electrical outlets should be nearby as well.
o Distractions should be kept at a minimum to help avoid injury to your pet. It is best if no one is at the viewing site
of your pet. You are welcome to quietly sit and watch if it does not cause the dog to react in a way
counterproductive to his groom.
o A tub/shower/sink with running water to accommodate the bath of your pet.
The need to remove matted hair on a pet is an extreme necessity. When a coat becomes tangled beyond the ability to
brush or comb through it, the most humane method is to shave off the matted hair. Shaving may seem severe, but it is the
fastest and least stressful way to groom a matted pet. Please do not confuse the term “shaving”, it is not like a man
getting a close shave with a razor, there is still some hair left. It can range from ½” to 1/16”.There is an additional fee for
severe matting. The owner will not hold KISSES liable for any injuries incurred due to skin and coat neglect (see below).

● Skin irritation is caused by dirt, dander, bodily fluids trapped under matted hair.
● Sores and hair loss: As mats get tighter, they eventually pull out of the skin, causing bald spots and sore skin.
● Razor burn and nicks/cuts are possible when the matting is so tight. We try to do our best to prevent this, but
sometimes it can happen.
● Sunburn if the dog is kept outside for long periods of time.
● Intense irritation/itching after the groom due to air getting at the skin for the first time.
● It is not uncommon to find preexisting conditions such as hot spots, sores, and other skin issues once the matted
coat is removed.
● There is also a chance that your pet’s skin may become irritated from being clipped so short.
● Ear bruising (also called hematomas) due to excessive head shaking after removal of mats can occur.

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